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Sweetwell, Keto, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Dark Chocolate, Chia, Nuts, Sea Salt Bar, 32g

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The best guilt-free snack in the world.

Where sweetness and wellness meet. Sweetwell dark chocolate, chia, nuts and sea salt bars are a surprisingly indulgent and healthy snack, rich in the most precious and nutritious fats found in nature, almond and peanut butter. We use only premium almonds and peanuts, and we roast them to perfection to enhance its flavor, ease digestion, and increase absorption of key nutrients. We add plenty of chia seeds, considered one of the best superfoods for their many health benefits, their massive amount of nutrients, and their high quality protein.

Perfect Keto. Of the total product calories, 3% come from net carbs, 84% from fat and 13% from protein.

Our bars are handcrafted in small batches, using the traditional tools and techniques from the best Belgium chocolatiers. Unlike most of the chocolate available in the market, ours is made from 100% fine Trinitario cocoa beans from Mesoamerica.

Surprise your taste buds, and feel good about your health.

  • Patented Belgium Recipe
  • Sugar, Gluten, Guilt Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • Made with 100% Real Chocolate
  • Vegan + Protein
  • Stevia Sweetened
  • Excellent Source of Fiber
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • No Genetically Engineered Ingredients
  • 0 grams Trans Fat
  • Great Tasting Stevia
  • Dairy Free
  • Surprisingly Delicious!

Per Bar

  • 4 g Protein
  • 1 g Net Carbs
  • 12 g Fat
  • 6 g Fiber


Other ingredients

Roasted almonds, roasted peanuts, cocoa mass, chia seeds, cocoa butter, cocoa, polydextrose, isomalt, soluble corn fiber, chicory root fiber, sea salt, soy lecithin and stevia.

Allergen information: Contains almonds, peanuts and soy. Made in a facility that processes peanuts and other tree nuts.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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