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Keto and Co, Wondrose Healthy Sugat Alternative with probiotic Fiber, 300 g

Dhs. 55.00 AED Dhs. 72.00 AED
  • Measures, Tastes & Bakes Like Sugar 
  • The Healthy Sugar Alternative
  • Naturally Sweet 
  • 0 g Net Carbs† 
  • 75% Fewer Calories than Sugar†† 
  • Prebiotic Fiber 
  • Granulated 
  • Replaces 1 lb Sugar 

What is Wondrose™? 

A sweetener so amazing, we had to call it Wondrose. 

Wondrose is the healthy, natural, sugar-free sweetener that tastes and bakes like sugar without any aftertaste. With 75% fewer calories and gut healthy prebiotic fiber, it doesn't just taste good - it's also good for you! 

Great for diabetics, ketogenic dieters, and anyone watching their carbs or calories. Enjoy the sweetness of sugar without the guilt. 

†3 g Total Carbs - 1 g Fiber - 2 g Erythritol = 0 g Net Carbs 

†0 g Net Carbs per serving according to FDA rounding. For ketogenic or diabetic diets, use 0.1 g net carbs per 3 g serving. 

††Comparison based on 1 tsp of granulated sugar from USDA Database, Version: April 2018.

Suggested use

Just Add Water 

For cooking and baking, mix Wondrose with water according to the table below before combining with other ingredients. 

Recipe calls for... Use...
1 tsp sugar 1 tsp Wondrose + 1/4 tsp water 
1 Tbsp sugar 1 Tbsp Wondrose + 1/2 tsp water
1 cup sugar 1 cup Wondrose + 1/4 cup water
100 g sugar 66 g Wondrose + 30 g water 

Other ingredients

Wondrose sugar replacer (erythritol, non-GMO soluble corn fiber, inulin, monk fruit, natural flavors).

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