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About Mom it

Who is Mom it ?

The person behind Mom it believes that 

"Mother is a Verb"

Welcome to Mom it Kitchen!

Mom it is an idea, created 9 years ago from a simple request by a 7 year old child, who asked his mom to make a guitar cake to impress his friends. The Mom did not know how to make the cake and she was worried that she will disappoint her son. She taught herself by watching Youtube, read about the Mastery of Cake Making, then.... practice, practice and practice.

After many years of learning, today, Mom it, is Safa' Al Madanat, an ex-banker, a mom and a food enthusiast. Someone who wants to serve every dish with real passion for food, wants to create a memory and happy moments when you take a bite from every dish made with love.

Mom it is about the ingredients, the freshness, the taste and the presentation. They all come together in Mom it Kitchen.

Mom it Keto Go came from a personal experience. Safa' Al Madanat wanted to lose weight, she followed many diets and Meal Plans, but she was unable to maintain the ideal weight. She kept re-gaining the weight she lost.

For more than two years, she read about Keto, the science behind it and the effect on the human body and health. She tried what is available in Dubai market. She found out that there is no Arabic Keto dishes, no tasty keto bread and could not find Keto sweets that she really can enjoy. 

After a thorough understanding of the Keto, she started to try Keto Arabic recipes, Falafel, Kibbeh, Bread, Manakeesh, Cinnamon Rolls and many others. After a year of trials, testing different key ingredients and meals, she finally found her ideal dishes. She started the Keto diet in August 2019 and lost 14kg in 4 months.

Safa' Al Madanat wanted to share that wonderful personal experience with her friends who gave her positive feedback on their experience of losing weight after just a few months. Safa' was encouraged to extend that experience with everyone else in UAE.

That's when Safa' launched Mom it Keto Go in April 2020. Today, we are amazed with the demand of those are eager to try our Keto dishes. We are grateful to you.

Thank you to each and everyone from our hearts to yours !

Make a connection today with Mom it, be part of this wonderful and healthy journey and share with friends and family.

Make a moment a special one today, with every bite you take.