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Lakanto, Drinking Chocolate Sweetened with Monk Fruit, 283 g

Dhs. 69.00 AED

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Chocolate Milk 2.0

Got chocolate milk cravings? Unlike most chocolate milk, our drinking chocolate blend comes from high quality cocoa beans, the perfect amount of monk fruit sweetness, natural vanilla flavor, and gut-healthy probiotics. This winning combination creates a healthy, creamy drink you can enjoy hot or cold all year round!

Over a Thousand Years Ago

In the remote mountain highlands of Asia, Buddhist monks achieved enlightenment through meditation, prayer and pure living. The monks discovered a rare fruit prized for its sweetness. This sacred fruit was named Monk Fruit and was used in elixirs to increase chi, or life energy. Now you can enjoy this guilt-free sweetness in our Lakanto products!

  • Made from Nature
  • Keto Approved
  • 1 Net Carb
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • 1 Billion Probiotics per Serving
  • Zero Sugar


Discover your CHI

At Lakanto, we aim to help others "discover chi" or life energy by making healthy choices more accessible. As you feel good internally, you'll find fulfillment in yourself and the world we live in! how have you discovered your chi"? 

Suggested Use

Mix 4 tsp in 8 oz of water or milk.

Other Ingredients

Lakanto® monk fruit sweetener (non-GMO erythritol, monk fruit extract), Dutched cocoa,  fiber, natural flavors, seaweed derived calcium and magnesium, brown rice, sea salt, guar gum, cellulose gum, sunflower lecithin, bacillus subtilis probiotic. 

Net carbs; Subtract fiber and sugar alcohols from total carbohydrates


Store in a cool, dry place.

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